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  •   로이롤챔스 외신 속보) 트럼프 아베 긴급 통...



    로이롤챔스 외신 속보) 트럼프 아베 긴급 통화



    양국은 북한에 대한 억제를 강화하기로 합의하고,

    중국이  그역활을  제데로 더해야 한다는데 합의햇다

    별도 기자회견에서, 일본 관방장관 요시히데는 ,

    군사적인  옵션에 대한 토의는 양국정상간에 없엇다고 발표햇다


    In a phone call the leaders “agreed to strengthen our deterrence capability against the North Korean threat,

    ” Yasutoshi Nishimura, deputy chief cabinet secretary, told reporters after Pyongyang fired what Japan said appeared to be an intercontinental ballistic missile into waters in Japan’s exclusive economic zone.

    Trump and Abe also “agreed that China needs to play an increased role” in countering North Korea, Nishimura said.

    They did not discuss military options toward North Korea, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told a separate news conference.

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